Aquality School Bask Country


Art 1: Registration

All registrations at the AQUALITY SCHOOL school will be made using the attached registration form, which must be duly completed by the parents or legal guardian in the case of a minor, or by the person concerned in the case of an adult. The reservations

Bookings and payments for the courses must be made by bank cheque made out to AQUALITY SCHOOL, Cheques Vacances ANCV, RIB, or cash, 50% at registration, the rest from the first course.

Art 2: Cancellation of courses

In case of bad weather conditions (too heavy sea, pollution,…) the courses that cannot be carried out within the framework of the package subscribed above will be, in agreement with the trainees:

postponed to a later date,
replaced by alternative activities,
Courses not completed due to the client will not be refunded.

Art 3: Responsibility of the structure

Trainees will be taken care of by the AQUALITY SCHOOL school, under the responsibility of its educators, during the duration of the teaching courses. They will again be under the responsibility of their parents or guardians as soon as the service concerned ends.

The civil liability of the AQUALITY SCHOOL school for its trainees ends outside these hours, within the deadlines described above.

Before leaving their children at the AQUALITY SCHOOL school, parents should ensure that the planned service takes place.

The AQUALITY SCHOOL school declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or deterioration of the objects that could be entrusted to it.

Art 4: Insurance

All persons registered at the AQUALITY SCHOOL school will systematically be issued with insurance including civil liability cover. Individual Accident, Assistance and Recourse Individual Insurance, the terms and conditions of which are described in the MAIF contract made available by the structure, is offered to you as an option.

All these guarantees are only valid within the framework of the courses of the AQUALITY SCHOOL school.

Art 5: Commitment of the structure

The AQUALITY SCHOOL school is committed to respecting the regulations in force in the activities proposed and to providing clean, disinfected and adapted equipment for the level of trainees.

Art 6: Undertaking by subscribers

By enrolling in the AQUALITY SCHOOL school, minor practitioners and their parents accept the risks associated with the practice of activities under normal conditions of practice.

Practitioners are responsible for the material provided during the course.

Art 7: Transport of trainees

In the event that a vehicle is used as part of the services offered, AQUALITY SCHOOL undertakes to ensure the transport of trainees in accordance with the regulations in force:

driver with the necessary licence
vehicle insurance coverage
respect of the maximum number of passengers
clean and in good condition.

Art 8: right to the image

By subscribing to the AQUALITY SCHOOL school, you authorize it to use the photos and films of your image taken during your internship for the production of any advertising material, without any financial compensation.