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Bidart Surf School

You want to discover the best spots in the Basque Country and the Landes depending on the conditions. Our instructor guides you, transports you, coaches you and films you on the best spot of the moment.

Individual or small group lessons for a maximum of 8 people. Fabrice, your surf instructor for more than 10 years, supervises you in the water for personalized advice and maximum safety throughout the surfing course.


Scuba Diving Center

Aquality School offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the underwater world and learn to discover the Basque Coast by scuba diving.

The supervision is provided by Fabrice, a professional who holds a State diving certificate and has extensive experience in underwater activities, apnea and the aquatic fauna and flora of the Basque Country.


Snorkeling on the Basque Coast

Snorkeling is also known as water hiking.

The supervision is provided by Fabrice, a professional who holds a State diving certificate and has extensive experience in underwater activities, apnea and the aquatic fauna and flora of the Basque Country.


Surfing Courses and Lessons on
Bidart and Guethary Beaches.

From Bidart to Hendaye, passing by Guéthary and Saint Jean de Luz, the Basque Coast is endowed with exceptional beaches for courses, as well as surfing or diving courses (snorkel mask and bottles).

Expert in surfing and diving, Fabrice Cora, offers you the best experience in the Basque Country: adapted equipment, personalized advice, transport to the best spots…

Aquality school is one of the only surf schools that moves you to the best spots in the Basque Country depending on your level and the weather conditions: Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary, Saint Jean de Luz or Hendaye. We are also certified “Handi surf” and take holiday vouchers.

“Surf standing up from the first lesson” is our goal!

Surfing Courses and Lessons Fees

All our prices include transport to the best surf spot between Bidart and Hendaye. Inform us of your place of residence so that we can organize ourselves.

Single Surf Lesson

From 7 to 77 years old, it is enough to know how to swim, come and discover the joys of surfing in perfect safety. You also have the option of bodysurfing (without board), surfing, bodyboard, longboard or shortboard, and stand-up paddle.

A course at 40€

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Discovery Surf Course

From 3 to 5 lessons, you will learn to slide on a surfboard, to master the recovery, to understand the aquatic environment and the waves. 2h in the water (*1h30 in July / August) - 8 pers. max.

3 lessons from 2h* to 115 €

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Intensive Surf Course

Surfing course `` INTENSIVE`` Over 5 to 10 lessons, you will learn: to catch waves, to steer and to gain speed. 2h in the water (*1h30 in July / August) - 8 pers. max.

5 lessons from 2h* to 175 €

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Private Surf Lessons

To learn faster, alone with the instructor, you will benefit from a personalized follow-up for optimal progress. 1h in the water 1 pers. 80 €; 2 pers. 150 €; 3 pers. 200 €

From 80€

Guide de Surf Bidart

Surf Guide

We can guide you to spots where you will be alone to enjoy the waves and the landscape.

Price on request

Is this your first class? Listen to the advice of Fabrice Cora, an instructor with a state diploma

St Jean de Luz Scuba Diving Center


Our scuba diving school and Fabrice CORA State certificate 1st scuba diving and PADI instructor n°337989 offers you the whole range of outings and training to discover, train and improve your scuba diving skills.

From the first dive to the exploration diving trip for scuba divers without equipment to the CMAS diving training level 1 to 5 or PADI consult us.

Voir les tarifs

Snorkeling on the Basque Coast

Groups are made up of 6 to 8 people. Fabrice, your instructor, supervises you in the water to:

– guided tours of the best sites in the Basque Country,

– maximum safety during the entire water hike,

– an optimized learning of underwater life and the use of equipment.

Transport is provided from different locations, or from your home by appointment. All the equipment is provided: fins or single fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit. You just need a towel and a bathing suit.
Water hiking rates (Snorkling / PMT)
COLLECTIVE COURSE (2 hours in the water – 8 pers. max.)
Discovery 1 course 40 € 40
Initiation 3 classes 115 €
Further training 5 courses 175 €

SPECIAL COURSES (1 hour in the water)
1 pers. 80 € 2 pers. 150 € 3 pers. 200 €

Call us on +33 (0)689591643

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Surfing Saint Jean de Luz

With its many surfing opportunities, the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, south of Guéthary, attracts surfers from all walks of life, especially when the waves are too big on the beaches further north. If you surf regularly and dream of a long right hand to do long carves and other manoeuvres, then you must go to Lafitenia. This famous reef can offer long wrinkles with pretty sections that allow good curves…

St Jean de Luz

Surfing Guéthary

Guethary is a real surfing territory in the Basque Country, with its rocky coves, reefs, large waves and spectacular landscapes wherever you look. This old fishing port will charm you but it is also a paradise for advanced surfers with big wave spots, like Parlementia of world fame, the left of the Alycons and the Avalanche wave…


Surfing Bidart

Bidart has six beaches that extend over 5 km. All are monitored in July and August and extend from Biarritz to Guéthary with rugged cliffs that give a wild appearance. The beach of Ilbarritz (north of Bidart) is the most famous, followed by the royal pavilion, erretegia, the central beach, uhabia and parlementia. The centre of the village of Bidart is rich with beautiful farms and several pediments typical of the region….