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Surf spots on the Basque Coast

Surf in Bidart

Bidart has six beaches that extend over 5 km. All are monitored in July and August and extend from Biarritz to Guéthary with rugged cliffs which give a wild aspect. Ilbarritz Beach (north of Bidart) is the most famous, followed by the Royal Pavilion, Erretegia, Center Beach, Uhabia and Parlementia. The village center of Bidart is rich with beautiful farms and several pediments typical of the region …

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Surf in Saint Jean de Luz

With its many surfing possibilities, the town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, south of Guéthary, attracts surfers from all walks of life, especially when the waves are too big on the beaches further north. If you surf regularly and dream of a long straight to chain long carves and other maneuvers, then you should go to Lafitenia. This famous reef can offer long wrinkles with pretty sections which allow good curves…

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Surf in Guéthary

Guethary is a real surfing area in the Basque Country, with its rocky coves, its reefs, its big waves and its spectacular landscapes wherever you look. This old fishing port will charm you but it is also a corner of paradise for advanced surfers with spots of big waves, like world famous Parlementia, the left of the Alycons and the wave of Avalanche …

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Surf in Hendaye

The long Hendaye beach (3.5 km) is a garden for beginners. It’s where the waves are the smallest on the whole Atlantic coast. The orientation of the bay and its flat bottom slow the swell and allow surfing most of the year. Even if there are very few waves in summer, it is surely the most regular spot for surfing. Constituted south of sand and north of rocks, its bottoms produce different and varied waves for all levels of surfing.

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Scuba diving spots on the Basque Coast

Diving in Saint Jean de Luz

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Diving in Hendaye

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