Scuba Diving

Aquality School Bask Country

Aquality School is a surf school but also a diving center.
Although different, these two activities are complementary.

For example, the practice of snorkeling while diving helps to better manage certain tensions in the practice of surfing.

Our diving center and Fabrice CORA State certificate 1 ° scuba diving and PADI instructor n ° 337989 offers you the whole range of outings and training courses to discover and train and improve your scuba diving skills in the Basque country.


Snorkeling is also known in France as the practice of Palme Masque Tuba (PMT), or also aquatic hiking.

The supervision is provided by Fabrice, professional holder of the State diving certificate and with extensive experience in the practice of underwater activities, freediving, aquatic fauna and flora in the Basque Country.</ p >

Equipped with fins, mask and snorkel, it is an aquatic leisure activity, observing the seabed and living species, in an area where the water is shallow.

You can start from a beach, a boat, or some hidden coves on the Basque coast.

Aquality école de plongée sur la côte basque




Freediving can be combined with other underwater activities, such as snorkeling and surfing.

For a more expert and sporty practice of snorkeling, the school offers advanced courses (diving at 10 and 20 meters).

You will learn to improve your technique and gradually push your limits to widen your space of evolution.