Surf spots in Bidart

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The commune of Bidart is located between Biarritz and Guéthary. It has six beaches that extend over 5 km of wild coastline bordered by rugged cliffs.

Close to Biarritz, Guéthary and St-Jean-de-Luz, it is a popular destination during the summer season.

Bidart is the starting point of the coastal path which ends in Hendaye.

Beware of the many rocks and currents present in this town, swimming can be dangerous in certain areas. We recommend that you follow the instructions of the lifeguards to find safe swimming areas according to the weather and tides.

Ilbarritz Beach

Ilbarritz beach north of Bidart is the best known. It is surrounded by a golf course and overlooked by the castle of Ilbarritz. The Lamouly river delimits the border with the Milady beach in Biarritz.

There are pretty bowls, hollow and fast, around the high tides. Mixing rocks and sands, these waves are generally surfed by average to experienced riders.

With two parking lots nearby, this is an easily accessible and relatively crowded beach.

Pavillon Royal Beach

Enclosed to the north by the Ilbarritz golf course and bordered by a campsite, the Pav, so named by the locals, owes its name to the sumptuous house which overlooks it. It offers an idyllic and wild setting.

After 5 minutes of walking, you will find a large sandy beach offering different peaks with different characteristics.

Surfable at almost all tide times, this spot is generally frequented by intermediate and experienced surfers.

Watch out for the current that can play tricks on you!

Erretegia Beach

To the south, in line with the Royal Pavilion, it is bordered by cliffs and endemic protected vegetation. It is the most unspoiled and wild beach in Bidart.

With slightly rocky and sandy areas, like at the Royal Pavilion, it is a magnificent setting for unforgettable sessions.

This spot is surfed at low tide and mid-tide, but also in some cases at high tide.

Since access is not easy, regulating its attendance is done naturally.

Center Beach

It absorbs all swell orientations, it’s one of the most regular spots in Bidart.

Sanding up just before summer, however, there are a few large rocky slabs to watch out for, especially at the southern end of the beach.

When the current goes north, pollution from the Uhabia river can be a problem.

Center Beach is a regular beachbreak that offers a range of possibilities. It works whatever the tide.

Close to the center of the village, the atmosphere is always pleasant and relaxed.

Embruns Beach

Enclosed by the rocks of Center beach to the north and by the Uhabia river embankment to the south, the beach is easily accessible thanks to its parking lot behind the reeducation center of the same name.

The bottom composed of sand and rocks creates good quality waves.

However, the Uhabia river has a big impact on this spot; it can quickly move sand, create current and cause pollution in heavy rain.

The crowds of swimmers are important, because it is the only beach in Bidart which is not supervised in summer.

Uhabia Beach

Uhabia Beach owes its name to the river that flows into it.

It creates a separation with the Embruns beach.

On the way to Spain, before entering Guéthary, you will see the beach from the road.

The waves are usually strong there. The river carves beautiful sandbanks and accentuates the strength of the waves to the right and to the left near the mouth.

Surfing conditions get more complicated when the swell gets bigger because the current increases.

Some rocks are to be watched. Pollution of the river can sometimes be problematic when it rains a lot.

The spot is known to withstand good swell. It’s a good place to fall back when the waves are too big elsewhere.

Bidart Surf Lessons

For beginners, we mainly go to the beaches of Bidart and Hendaye. These are sandy beaches where the conditions are ideal for learning to surf safely.

We prefer slots 3 hours before and after low tide to allow you to have:

  • more suitable waves
  • a larger surf area
  • conditions limiting the efforts with the oar

For more experienced surfers, we offer surf lessons in Guéthary and Saint Jean de Luz in low season.
Waves form on rocks.
They allow us to have longer and surfable waves in all directions.
They require a more efficient oar and a minimum of experience.

We prefer slots 3 hours before and after high tide to allow you to have:

  • enough depth for your safety
  • conditions adapted to your level
  • low traffic