Dive spots in Hendaye

Aquality School Bask Country

La Baie des Cochons

At the foot of the Lighthouse of Hondarribia, this protected bay allows you to do first dives and exceptional training.

Its biodiversity is varied.

It is a sandy bottom surrounded by rocks allowing all types of diving exercises in a very secure area.

Le jardin Japonais

It is a cove west of the Bay of Pigs.

They have almost the same characteristics except for more changing backgrounds for the latter.

Le Mur

At the exit of Bidassoa, it is a wall from ten meters high to 20 meters deep. Swarming alive, placed on a sandy bottom, it protects divers from the swell coming from the north.

It allows you to work on stability exercises and assisted lifts in complete safety. His physiognomy is a landmark tool that easily guides us to the shelter in the Bay of Pigs.

Les Ancres

Placed on the sand 25 meters deep, these anchors of old galleons are approximately 5 meters high.

They served as anchors in the days when there was no port.

These huge boats remained at anchor in the bay and unloaded men and goods to Hendaye beach in a rowboat.


It is a rocky bank 25 meters deep in the middle of the sand, in the center of Hendaye bay.

It is made up of many faults and covered with white gorgonians.

It is an area exceptionally rich in underwater life.