Dive spots in Saint Jean de Luz

Aquality School Bask Country

The Artha dike (central dike) and the Socoa dike

These are two great places to get started.

The water is calm and clear, and the depth of the bottoms varies.

It is an ideal site for discovering and learning to dive five minutes by boat from the port of Socoa.

A multitude of elevations allows us to vary the dives according to the objectives of each session.

Once the diver is trained in this calm environment, we can leave the bay to continue the progression.

The Esquilletac plateau

It is a fairly large area at the northern end of the bay, with a multitude of faults and shallow elevation differences.

This platform allows you to observe new species in their natural habitats.

Le sec à Balou

It’s a small submerged cave at the exit of Saint Jean de Luz.

During its level 1 training, it is often the first cave that we discover because it is less than ten meters deep.

The cave of Arroka

It is one of the jewels of the Basque Country.

20 minutes by boat north of the bay of Saint Jean de Luz, it is located at a depth of about 25 meters.

It is a large cave with several entrances and skylights. It is rich in underwater life. There are usually congeries, large clawed crustaceans and many other surprises.

Arroka’s Gruyere

Right next to the main cave, it is a reef riddled with tunnels whose entrances, 40 meters deep, allow you to go up to a large arch, 25 meters deep.

It is surely the most beautiful dive on the coast when you like underwater caves.

Le Cruz Segundo or Le Morutier

It is a wreck placed 40 meters deep south of the Arroka plateau. Even if the swell and oxidation have started to decompose, there is still much to observe.

Its boilers and the life that resides there provide a rich and varied spectacle.


More known for its gigantic wave, it is also a vast underwater plateau made up of a canyon and a submerged cave 25 meters deep.

This is a rather technical dive because it is done in the open sea in an area of wind and current.

However, this is a site that is worth visiting both for its beauty and for its diversity.